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Little artist blooms baby girl gift


Little artist blooms baby girl gift - set with SHOES is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

An adorable matching combo of a Flower teether and lovey are the foundation of these 3 variant baby gift boxes. Choose from (1) a 2 piece set, (2) a 4 piece set or (3) a set with shoes. This teether will be enjoyed by the little girl from 4 months and the lovey will be a companion till she's a toddler. There's an item for every stage of infancy till she's 2!

Little Artist Teether

  • Teaching your child to be curious about the world around them starts at the very beginning! Our floral chewable teethers ignite the wonder of childhood and allow your babe to explore using all their senses. The gum-soothing, soft- textured, flower and flower pot teether toy are simple fun your child won't want to put down. Plus, it pairs perfectly with our Little Artist Lovey.

Little Artist Lovey

  • This snuggly soft rainbow lovey is the security blanket of your little one's dreams. With luxurious soft fabric, your babe won't want to put this plush pal down. It's the perfect tag-a-long buddy and comforting blankey, all rolled into one. 14 x 14. Fabric. Trim-polyester/satin. Blankey- luxe faux fur.

Three little Pigs Boardbook (in option 2 and 3 ONLY)

  • Three little pigs set out to make their fortunes. The first little pig builds a house of straw. When she refuses to let the big bad wolf inside, he blows the house down, and the first little pig flees to his sister's house made of sticks. When both pigs deny the wolf once more, he blows their house down. The two pigs scurry to the brick house their sister built, which, try as he might, the wolf can't seem to blow down, and he leaves the pigs alone once and for all.

2 piece organic sleep and play outfits (in option 2 and 3 ONLY)

  • stylish and comfy to wear. Baby can literally stay in this all day! Available in size 3-6 months.

Rose Moccasins (in option 3 ONLY)

  • fits 10-18 months
  • vegan leather
  • comfortable and stylish

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