Clusters of flowers - The Baby Gift People
Clusters of flowers - The Baby Gift People
Clusters of flowers - The Baby Gift People

Clusters of flowers

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Clusters of flowers for a beautiful baby girl. The best thing about this gift box is baby will get a restful sleep with these combo of baby goods. And everyone knows a well rested baby means mama gets to rest also. Best for ages newborn to 6 months.

What's in the Box?

3 piece floral head band set

Stylish and gentle enough to stay in place without hurting baby.

An handwritten card (write note during checkout).

Wubbanub Pink Elephant Pacifier

Fall in Wub with our  Pink Elephant.   Super soft ballerina pink fabric, mini tusks and trunk, she’s ready to be cuddled all day long. The unique style of the WubbaNub pacifier allows it to remain close and easily positioned by the baby. Patented design may prevent pacifier from being lost, dropped or even forgotten! Carefully calculated weight and size of the plush animal keeps the WubbaNub Pacifier near baby's mouth, whether in the car seat, baby sling, carrier and stroller and even while you hold your baby!

Embe 2 in 1 Swaddle (For Babies 0-3mos, 6-14lbs)

THE WORLD'S ONLY LEGS IN AND OUT SWADDLE! - No other swaddle in the entire world can offer the versatility of legs in warmth and legs out cooling and heat dissipation to help reduce overheating.

THE SAFEST SWADDLE FOR BABY! – Safer than traditional methods. Our swaddle is a safer alternative to loose muslin or receiving blankets that can cover nose and mouth during sleep. Our no rise neckline collar keeps fabric secure and in place. No un-raveling or rising up allowing for peace of mind.

EASY DIAPER CHANGE WITHOUT UNSWADDLING – this revolutionary design allows for baby’s arms to stay swaddled during a diaper change so they can stay fast asleep. Remaining swaddled during a diaper change helps keep hands from getting near their diaper making it easier for you to change them quickly.